About me

Who says you need a fancy web site? This gets the message across. Inspired by this It uses the gruvbox colour scheme. Also if you are a true man of culture and use the Iosevka font, this web site uses it.


Web site

You're here. Expected more? Tough luck.


Although there really isn't that much interesting stuff there right now (yet!). Here is a link to my personal account

Yes. I still use this controversial site. I might be hosting my personal git server soon enough, however!


I recently made the switch to Gitlab. For the time being I will use both. The link is here. Creating a personal git server postponed for now.


Recently I started contemplating writing a good old fashioned blog about recent hacks I pulled together. I think that we ought to see much more personal blogs on people's sites rather than Twitter feeds and Facebook walls. Would anyone even read it around here, though? Well, let's try. Link is in the heading!